Four More Reasons Why Every Artist Should Start Blogging (Part 2)

Written by Rigo
A highly motivated and experienced technologist, Rigo is a consultant and trainer in web technologies including Security, Web streaming, WordPress and Linux.

Four More Reasons Why Every Artist Should Start Blogging – (Part 2)

  1. Increase your art sales online!

Why do many artist blog about their work? Well, internet searches don’t understand pictures – they understand words – keywords! You need to write about your work. If you start a blog and spend a few hours each week blogging about your art, people will eventually begin to find you through Google and other search engines.

What does this mean? If you were to have a portfolio site with mostly images, people will not find your work through the search engine. From your blog you can direct your audience to your online store.*

  1. Going Viral

You can share your posts on social networking sites. Sharing your content and saying something pertinent about it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can lead your fans away from those sites and onto your own website or blog, where you’ll be offering them the chance to connect with you and and perhaps buy your art.

  1. Moonlighting

Some artists even use their blog as a secondary means of income. There are many ways to monetize a blog if it has a decent amount of traffic; you can promote affiliate products (like equipment you use or books you are reading about specific techniques) and receive a share of the profit if a reader clicks through and buys, display banner ads, or sell a product or service (like online tutorials or an ebook).

My advice would be to do this subtly and stick to material directly related to the subject of your blog; audiences will be turned off by the ‘Sell, sell, sell’ approach, particularly if you are pushing random, unrelated products. It’s also a good idea to build up your audience first, then monetize.

  1. Everyone Loves A Good Story

And, stories sell. The factors hidden behind buying a certain piece of art are numerous. People’s taste change, trends change, but one thing remains the same; people love stories. A blog is the perfect platform to tell the stories of your life and art; the more your readers understand you, the more they will feel connected to your work.

These are four more reasons on why YOU should start a blog! What are you waiting for?

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