Five Reasons Your Website Needs an Upgrade

Written by Rigo
A highly motivated and experienced technologist, Rigo is a consultant and trainer in web technologies including Security, Web streaming, WordPress and Linux.

The Internet has become a vital centre of the global economy, it is our gateway to a worldwide audience. A well-developed website is not just an online identity to your business, it is an essential part of the success and the future of your company. To really get the benefits of a website for your business, your site needs to serve as a professional online presence that conveys your credibility, showcases your solutions, and makes it easy for people to contact you. Additionally, it should be optimized so that people can actually find it when they search online. Finally, it should be easy for you to update on your own, without being tied to a web designer every time you need to make a change to your site.

Don’t underestimate the power of the internet, if you think that having a static flat website that describes your company  is  all you need, I’ll give you five reasons your “online business card” needs an upgrade.

1. Convert those visits! What’s your strategy?

Once someone finds your site, make it easy for them to contact you, purchase your products or hire your services without even having to pick up the phone. Collect contact information from people interested in your services. This critical aspect is often neglected by most website owners. It is very important to have a lead generation for your website via email subscription form, for optimal business returns. Having a mailing list gives you several advantages like maintaining a visitors list who allow you to contact them, build a relationship, and establish yourself as an expert for solving their problems.

2. Is your website up to date and decluttered?

Your website must provide the most recent information. You want to make your site relevant for all your visitors. The site must make a visitor peruse easily and not be bombarded by unnecessary text and images. This means having a clear message with a goal-oriented direction, setting you apart from your competitors. Your content should easily answer the question “what’s in it for me?” The reader must be able to identify with your write-up and find you as a ‘partner’ for addressing solutions.

3. Do you really want to run your reputable business on a free website?

This is a common web page mistake you definitely need to avoid. Often business owners claim that the business is “just starting”, and that is why they have not yet moved their site to a FQDN domain. Do not use free web hosting if you want your business to be taken seriously. It reflects on your image and credibility.

4. The web designer trap

Designers, whether website designers or graphic designers, are essentially artists by nature. By this I mean that their main concern is how things look, and whether something is aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. And this is great, but taking your business online takes more than just a good looking website, you need to work with a CMS, without it, you’re basically handcuffed to the designer whenever you need to update or change your site. Wouldn’t you like to edit your site whenever you needed without depending on someone else?

5. Why not sell your products or services online?

Your website acts as a portal so customers can learn more about your company, as well as research product information and determine if they want to do business with you.
If your company is not selling online, you miss an entire market share and opportunity to capitalize on your investment, and also optimize sales and business operations. In addition to accessing a global marketplace, your website enabled for online sales can take orders and process purchases 24/7/365-days per year from virtually anywhere in the world.

The truth is, the only way to start promoting a business is by building a professional website.
A professional website attracts relevant search traffic, engages the right viewers, satisfy their intentions enough to keep them engaged, and motivate them to respond in a way that’s compatible with the goals of the business. Think about your current web strategy, this might be the time for a complete website overhaul, contact us for a free consultation with our web experts. We’ll help chart the best path forward as we learn more about your online goals.


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