Five Reasons Why Every Artist Should Start  Blogging (Part 1)

Written by Rigo
A highly motivated and experienced technologist, Rigo is a consultant and trainer in web technologies including Security, Web streaming, WordPress and Linux.

Blogging is not only for the traveller or the fashionista. Blogging is for everyone, and it can be beneficial in particular for artists. Many artist have had their blogs for years, and many of these blogs consist of articles, artwork, and photography.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why every artist should start a blog

  1. Blogging can expose who you are as an artist to the world

Can you imagine having people all over the world look at your art? Well, it’s totally possible. A blog can expose you to art enthusiasts and even buyers. People who dig your art can connect with you personally. You can build a friendly following and turn all these people into customers.

When you look at a piece of art don’t you want to know who is behind it all? Blogging allows for others to catch a glimpse of you, and get to know who you are as an artist.

  1. Why not use your blog to translate your art?

You can treat your blog as a conversation, doesn’t art always benefit from discussion anyway? You can take the time to explain comprehensively your process, and your showpiece. There is essentially no limit on the words you need to use to explain your art. No one will limit on how you should write. It’s a space for you to TELL everyone, “hey this is my awesome art and let me tell you why.”

  1. Blogging will help you grow as an artist.

You’d be pretty surprise how many art bloggers there are out there. Starting a blog will allow you to be part of the art blogging community. By reading other blogs, you will be exposed to other artist and views. You will learn a lot from your blogging community and their opinions may help you take your artistic process even further.

  1. You can keep track of your progress as an artist with the help of a blog.

Wouldn’t you like to showcase a piece every week? Month? Are you having trouble starting or finishing your paintings. A blog can help you set those goals. Your readers will be interested in your latest piece. Keep them coming back for more! You don’t even have to wait to finish the piece. Why not blog about your progress?

5.Express your views and opinions.

Not everyone shares the same point of views on art. Even the ongoing question of “what is art?” still floats around. Perhaps you have read things online about art that you disagree with. A blog grants you the opportunity to tell the world how YOU see it!

The beauty about the internet is that everyone can have a voice. Whether you’re a 90 year old grandfather making wood carvings or a twenty year old kid sketching, a blog permits both their voices to be heard and for their art to be seen! Your opinion is just as important!
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