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About Us

ColorBlogs is a hosting and development ecosystem, we build awesome websites on our cloud-hosted WordPress Platform. Using Software as a Service (SaaS), we’ve automated the delivery of powerful theme builders for business websites. We pride ourselves in providing responsive, dynamic, elegant and modern web solutions with built-in security.  

Our goal is simple, to help you create a website​, one that works for your business and helps you convert visitors into paying clients. Responsive web design is essential for internet marketing, ColorBlogs provides the tools necessary to create fast, flexible, functional websites for internet marketers.

Build Anything Visually

Create websites using state of the art tools, drag-and-drop theme builders are here to make our lives easier.

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Divi is one of the best drag-and-drop theme builders, and one of those themes that can be used for almost anything. It comes with what’s called the Divi builder, a drag-and-drop site designer. Use Divi to create a completely customized and beautiful site.


  • fully responsive,
  • drag-and-drop page builder,
  • parallax and video backgrounds,
  • pre-made layouts,
  • fully customizable.



Upfront is a modern and intuitive theme builder that comes with all the required features a site owner needs today. With it, you can create a WordPress theme from scratch or edit an existing one. The page builder lets you design your site and then customize it directly on the front-end!


  • responsive,
  • limitless theme possibilities,
  • flexible styling,
  • Upfront tools integrated,
  • parallax scrolling,
  • seven starter themes,
  • sliders and video backgrounds.

Websites should be more than pretty looking online brochures, we build sites that do something of value, like converting visitors into clients.

If you need help fixing your poorly designed website or building a new website that users want to engage with, that does the internet marketing for you, looks great on mobile devices, is well ranked on Google, and drives sales and leads, you’ve come to the right place.

Reasons to start

A website redesign can be an overwhelming task, but we can make the process a lot more fun! Remember, a well-designed and optimized website is one of the most effective marketing tools you’ve got – make the most of it by keeping it fresh, up-to-date, and easy to use.

Do It Yourself or We Do It for you

Its easy, and you can try it FREE!

You can create sophisticated website on a tight budget and grow your website along with your business. This is a great way to get started, just register,  pick your favourite theme builder, and change anything you want, instantly. 

A Website Your Clients Will Click!

Not everyone has time to build their own website, has the desire to, or simply aren’t well versed in the digital space. You can hire our team to build the website of your dreams.

When we create websites we’re in essence building the internet, we believe we are all responsible for securing the internet.

Design websites for your clients, save time & make money!

Charge your clients much more money by creating a WordPress website exactly to their requirements.
Create a custom responsive WordPress website for a client using the Divi or Upfront theme framework on our platform. ColorBlogs ensures a bullet-proof, perfectly optimized and responsive web design with the latest CSS3 and HTML5 with Schema mark-up.

Take Your Businesses Online

We’ll put your business on the map, work with us​.

Informa TVX

We worked with Colorblogs to implement our Digital Newspaper. The support and attention of the team of Colorblogs was a fundamental pillar to the success of this project.

Novavision TV

We've had incredible feedback from people in general messaging us and telling us the new site looks great! Once again, We want to thank ColorBlogs team for helping Novavision.

Alberto Cruz

Ever since I started selling my art on my new website, my business has flourished, now I am even making websites for my cliens using Colorblogs tools!


Got a question?​

We want to hear your ideas!

Ideas are key when creating a website project. From the simplest idea to the more complex, with ColorBlogs you can dive into it and get started. If you have an idea, it’s easier than you think to create a project, perhaps that project that has always been in your head, or improve from a basic concept.

So, let’s talk about that idea and together we can find the right strategy to make it come to life.

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If you need us to create a unique website, resolve a problem or improve on your PRO site. We can help!

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